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Lady Boner #8

When I masturbate I go to my favorite fantasies. Sometimes I read myself a story, one hand holding the book while the other slowly, tantalizingly rubs a nipple. Sometimes I leave my shirt on, pinching the nipple through soft tshirt cotton, enjoying the slight rasp. Sometimes I pretend someone is sitting in the room, watching, quietly giving me orders on where to touch, how hard and how fast. I imagine him (or sometimes her, and she is wet too, and she knows how it feels) hearing my quiet gasps, and sternly telling me to be silent. I roll onto my stomach, with a purring vibrator thrust deeply inside, and imagine that it is the waiting cock of my watcher, so hard from watching my slick fingers bring me so close to coming.

Being watched, being taken. Imagining…such a lady boner!

I love having my nipples played with while I sit with my back to him. I can feel him getting hard, and if he plays his cards right, he will know when I want him so badly that all he needs to do is push me down and take me from behind. Yeah, having my nipples touched, pinched, licked….gets me going.
Such a lady boner ;)

I love having my nipples played with while I sit with my back to him. I can feel him getting hard, and if he plays his cards right, he will know when I want him so badly that all he needs to do is push me down and take me from behind. Yeah, having my nipples touched, pinched, licked….gets me going.

Such a lady boner ;)

Lady Boner #7

I was still really inexperienced. Boys had kissed me, boys had touched me, running their excited hands over my chest (always over the shirt) and I had liked it. But this was the first time my shirt was off, and his pants were too, and I was lying beneath him as he looked down at my breasts, rising and falling very fast as I tried to catch my breath. His cock was jutting up, I could see it’s shape in his boxers, and I could feel his eyes on my nipples, and I was terrified and so excited.

He knelt down beside me, and ran his fingers between my breasts. My skin felt soft and transparent and my nipples were swollen and pink. His hand cupped the sides of my breasts, and I longed for his fingers to finally touch the nipples, but he was going slow, taunting me, teasing me, making up for all the boys who only touched over the shirt. Finally his fingers closed around the aching nubs, his touch was greedy, and I felt the instant jolt of his touch travel from my chest to my suddenly aching cunt. He clutched each peak with all his fingers, and I arched me chest toward him, wanting more…

Suddenly he pulled his cock from his shorts. I caught my breath, it was only the second one I had ever seen, and it was large, the tip already glistening with pre cum. Slowly, he lowered it toward my chest. He brushed it slowly against my nipple, and it slid….

I can’t even tell you how amazing it felt. He touched me, just my chest, so beguilingly, and I was grinding my thighs together with such want that I came, shuddering with his cock plunged deep between the cleft of my breasts.

To this day, I love having my nipples touched. From a casual slide of the finger, to a deep suck from a hungry mouth, followed by a rough bite that makes me desperate for anything to fill my cunt, it gives me such a lady boner.

Why hello there ;)

Thanks to all of you for following me! It turns me on that people like reading about the things that turn me on lol. Please feel free to send me messages or leave comments about what gets you going!


The Lady of the Boner :D

Lady Boner #6

I know, you are tired. You just want to sleep, and I would be content to curl up to your back and nod off myself, but I’m so very horny. The batteries in my vibrator are dead, and though I love to slide it deep inside me, easing it in and out until my wetness makes it slide deep into my hungry pussy until I cum in waves, feeling my body close around it….I want living flesh tonight. So turn over darling, and press your fingers deep into my greedy cunt, feel me shudder around you, plunge them deep into me, I want to feel you pull the orgasm from deep inside me. Then after, you can roll over, and sleep with the smell of my pussy on your fingers.

The touch of your fingers gives me such a lady boner.

Lady Boner #5

There have been so many erotic words written, and my few attempts don’t even come close to the scintillating power of some of my favorites. I remember when I was almost seventeen I was in a used book store with my family, and I came across a book titled “Victorian Erotica”.

I had no idea what erotica was, but I started paging through, and I read a story about a British parlor maid who is punished for her naughtiness by an Admiral, he pulled up her skirt in the hall, and spanked her “firm young bottom with his bare hand.” My mother walked up at that point, and I had to quickly hide the book back on the shelf, but the mental image of the prettily weeping young parlor maid, with her bottom flushed red from the spanking, and her full bosom swinging free from her uniform stuck with me.

I wondered how a spanking could feel good, and I will never forget the day I experienced my first, and how I understood how the parlor girl could so happily submit to her punishment.

He had been so gentle, his kisses drifting down from my neck to my nipples had been so soft that they were almost annoying, I yearned for him to pull each rosy nub deep into his mouth, and even to feel the sharpness of his teeth. But still he gently caressed, maddeningly and slow. I had my eyes closed, pretending to ignore his touch, hoping to spur him into action. Suddenly I was on my chest, my nipples pressed into the sheets on his bed, and he was rubbing my ass with his big strong hand. I could feel the calluses on his fingers, and their roughness excited me. Suddenly his hand lifted, and fell on the very middle of my ass, leaving a tingling sensation that hurt with each fall, but was also warming me to the core. I could feel my wetness, and I rubbed my thighs together, writhing under his hand still steadily rising and falling. He held my hip with one hand, commanding me to be still and continued the spanks.

Soon I was one aching burning desire, and just when I could take no more he lifted me at the hip and pounded his cock into me from behind. I came almost instantly, shuddering and moaning around him deep inside me. He kept moving, and I felt my pussy contracting around his delicious hardness, and he was telling me “Yeah, I knew you would like that, you dirty bad girl, you knew you needed that, now cum. Now! Or I will do it again!” For a minute I considered holding back, but his hardness against my slick wetness was too much, and my fingers dug into the sheets as my hips met his and we both came in blissful agony.

Remembering that gives me one hell of a lady boner.

Lady Boner #4

I will always remember this one blowjob. Maybe it’s unusual for a girl to say that, but I don’t care. He was the original bad boy, I was still pretty innocent. We went for a drive in his rumbling muscle car, and he kept one hand high on my leg, and didn’t say anything. I was wondering what to say to start the conversation off, and trying not to let on that the hand was driving me crazy, when all of the sudden the car stopped. I hadn’t been paying attention to where we were going, and when I looked up I realized we were out in the middle of nowhere, by a beautiful lake up on the mountain. We sat by the water, and he was kissing me, and before I knew it we were both naked and rolling around in the soft grass by the water. He kept one hand on my leg still, moving it higher and higher as his mouth devoured my nipples. His cock looked like marble in the moonlight, and it pulsed in my hand. I pushed his hand off, and he stopped and looked at me, a little dazed. I sat up, leaned over him and took just the head of his cock in between my lips. He fell back in the grass with a moan, as I explored him with my mouth. I don’t know if his surprise just prompted me to try harder than I ever had, but I enjoyed those moments like I never have since. His cock swelled even more in my mouth, and I swallowed it deeply, licking my way back to the top and enjoying his moans when I traced the tip with my tongue. He came so hard, in milky bursts that fell first on my breasts, then caught in my greedy mouth. He lay on the grass, panting and staring at me with new respect. I laughed, and got up and ran, giggling into the pond. He chased me and caught me around the waist. Back on the grassy bank he made me cum around his fingers, and we lay there naked as the dew fell on us.

Remembering it still gives me a lady boner.

Lady Boner #3

Sometimes I just want it. I don’t care if it is on the floor, on the stairs on the way to the bed, sometimes all I have thought about during the day was sex. I should have been paying attention to work, or conversations with my friends, or when the electric bill was going to get paid, but really all I could think about was having a cock plunged hard up inside me. Sometimes I want soft licks, making my nipples turn softly pink and then into rosy nubs, but right now I want you to bite them, make them stand up right away, make the wanting run down my body in tingling waves. Then before they even have time to sink in, I want your cock inside me. Pull my hair, pull my hips, pull on something, fuse us close together and then draw out and slam back in. Give it to me hard, give me something to remember. Then when I cum, know I am going to scream, and know that I want you to pull your cock from me and ram it, covered in my juices past my lips and let my moans finish you off down my throat.

Lady Boner #2
This amazing man&#8217;s name is Sukhdeep Mann

Lady Boner #2

This amazing man’s name is Sukhdeep Mann



Lady Boner #1

The best part about having a sexy dream is there is no setup. You are just suddenly in it, enjoying the flow. Once you wake up, there may be a moment where you wonder why you even dreamt what you did, but really you are wondering if you go back to sleep right away if you will be able to keep dreaming. I had a dream like this last night, and it gave me a serious lady boner <3

We are in the park. I notice trees, some distant buildings and faint light coming from somewhere. I haven’t seen any people, except you. Still, there could be someone walking by any moment. I notice you next to me, and I smile, because we are such good friends. Suddenly your cock is in my hand. I am shocked, but happy. It feels soft and warm, pulsing. I want to taste it so badly. It grows in my mouth, stretching my lips. I moan over its burning length. The path below me scrapes my knees, and I can feel your hands, pulling up my shirt and feeling the weight of my breasts and the double jut of my throbbing nipples. My hand is on your cock, your mouth is on my nipples and I can hear crickets and lapping water from the park, and you are moaning. I am moaning too, and suddenly we are lying in the grass under a tree, and you are throbbing still, but now inside me, and I feel the dream tilting into a burst of pure pleasure

Then I wake up, and I am gasping and wet. And empty.